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Stained glass panels, stained glass gifts, and custom work; easy online ordering at Treasures of Light Stained Glass

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We have a selection of patterns to suit every taste, and you get to choose your glass styles and colors.

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Made to Order – Under $100


This page is part of our Tailor Shop category. Like a custom fit by expert tailors, we make up these pieces just the way you want them. You may choose the glass styles and colors that appear in the picture, or request variations at no extra charge. Merchandise is usually shipped to you within 3-6 weeks of the time we receive your order and payment. We will gladly make design changes, including size variations, at your request. (A custom-work surcharge may apply, and the item(s) may take slightly longer to ship.) Contact us to discuss the design changes you want.

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Stained Glass
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Prima Donna
List $44.95

Made-to-Order # JB060

Peace on Earth (2 Styles)
List $99.95

Made-to-Order # JA712

Daisy Bell
List $79.95

Made-to-Order # JB020


Lonely Rose (4 Styles)
List $59.95

Made-to-Order # JA130

Ruskin's Flame
List $79.95

Made-to-Order # JB029

Dutch Princess (2 Styles)
List $45.95

Made-to-Order # JA893


Hope (3 Styles)
List $34.95

Made-to-Order # JA874

Chimes of Spring
List $94.95

Made-to-Order # JA127

Tulip Patchwork (4 Styles)
List $99.95

Made-to-Order # JA107



List $79.95

Made-to-Order # JB012