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Happy Valentine's DayAdvertisement - Issue 29 - February, 2005
Sure, we're having a Valentine's Day sale...
Valentine's Day Sale

But that's not all!

How about a Private Sale
for E-flyer Customers Only?!?

That's right, our suncatchers are on sale to the public, but as an e-flyer customer, you are also entitled to an exclusive 25% discount on most of our larger Ready-to-ship panels.
  • Click to choose from our Ready-to-ship page
    and/or our Ready-to-ship Suncatchers page.

  • Order toll-free: 1-888-GLASS-50.
  • Take 25% off* prices posted on the web.
  • No limit on quantity.
  • Panels excluded from sale:
    . Rose Garden: JD701
    . Princess: JB880
    . Carlisle: JB952
  • Sale ends at midnight February 14th.
  • For best choice, order today!
*Discount applies to ready-to-ship items only; does not apply to made‑to‑order items, custom work, shipping fees, or sales tax.

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