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Stained glass panels, stained glass gifts, and custom work; easy online ordering at Treasures of Light Stained Glass

You Imagine It, We Build It!
At Treasures of Light, we specialize in custom stained glass. What's on your wish list?

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We Specialize in Custom Work
You Imagine It, We Build It!

What's on your wish list?

  • Octagonal window inserts?
  • Cabinet doors?
  • Victorian style or antique reproductions?
  • Transom light or sidelight window inserts?
  • Hanging decorative panels?
  • How about a portrait of your pet?
No problem!  Click here for a peek at our Custom Work Portfolio.

We can fully service most custom projects, NATIONWIDE, over e-mail, telephone, FAX, and the Internet. We will assist you in selecting designs, styles, and colors to bring your home or business to life.  We send you full-color computer-generated mockup images of your proposed stained glass.

If on-site work is required, we can come to your location in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, or Northeastern Maryland.
Variations on Made-to-Order Pieces 

We offer variations on any piece displayed in our Tailor Shop selections. Color or glass variations are usually free of charge. If possible, you may send us a picture showing the colors you want. Size or design changes may incur a custom-work fee.

Click here to choose your glass styles and colors from our vendor, Spectrum Glass. Make a note of the Spectrum stock number for each type of glass you want, then include these numbers in your message.

(Please note that some Spectrum products are occasionally unavailable, in which case we will either substitute the closest match currently available from another vendor, or else request that you make another glass selection.)

What Will It Cost? Glad you asked! Our pricing is generally below the going rate for custom stained glass work. Here is how to calculate your own "rough estimate":
  1. Custom Design Fee is normally $50, which covers our time working with you to achieve the design pattern and choose the glass colors you like. This fee is non-refundable, and is generally required before we get started on design.

  2. Materials Fee is 30/square inch. This covers glass, solder, and all the other materials that go into your piece. For a 12" x 36" piece, for example, this works out to $129.60.

  3. Labor Fee depends on the number of individual pieces of glass in the pattern you choose. This is where your design choice can save money. Figure $1.75 per piece (for projects under 680 sq. in.).  This fee covers the craftsmanship and effort that goes into assembling your stained glass. For example, if you were to choose a design with 50 individual pieces, labor would be $87.50.

    So, continuing the 50-piece example:

      $ 50.00 custom design fee (non-refundable)
       129.60 materials fee (432 square inches @ 30)
        87.50 labor fee (50 individual pieces @ 1.75)
      $267.10 total for merchandise

Factors that might alter the price:

  • Labor Fee: varies depending on the complexity (number of pieces) in the design; this is the primary determiner of your final cost
  • Extra materials such as "bevel clusters" or other specialty glass accent pieces you might include in the design
  • Additional labor to achieve special effects, such as engraving
  • Very large hanging panels or windows may be subject to a slightly higher fee structure. They may also incur certain charges for reinforcing rod, heavy duty zinc framing, etc.
Shipping depends on the final size and weight of your merchandise, and the state to which it is being shipped. A good rule of thumb is to multiply your square inches by 7%. In the example above, that comes out to $30.24.

We do not make any profit on shipping costs--that is what it costs us to get the glass to you safely and in the proper packaging. Although only very large items require crating, all stained glass must be packed in heavy duty cardboard shipping boxes, with bubble wrap, packing "peanuts", and other high-quality packing materials.

If your shipping address is Maryland, 6% state sales tax gets added to the total cost including shipping. Otherwise, you pay no sales tax.

How to Get Started

We will be pleased to give you a free estimate, without obligation.  Click here to fill out our 2-minute Custom Work Request Form.