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Stained glass panels, stained glass gifts, and custom work; easy online ordering at Treasures of Light Stained Glass

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At Treasures of Light, we specialize in custom stained glass. What's on your wish list?

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Custom Work Request

Please enter the information below so we can provide you with a free estimate.
Please be patient while we expand to serve you!
Due to increasing demand for our custom work, we are expanding to better assist you in the areas of design, construction, and shipping.

However, through December 2017, we are subject to a couple of limitations:
  • Largest window or panel no more than 50" length + width.  Some exceptions are possible on rectangular and oval panels.
  • Current waiting list approximately three to six weeks for construction (from the time you are satisfied with design).

We apologize for this inconvenience. If you need to purchase glass immediately,
then please visit our Express Shop and Tailor Shop.
Otherwise, please fill out the form below.
Thank you.

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What shape do you require?
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Which of the following best describes the type of lighting by which you will most often view your stained glass?
Installed in window, usually viewed with daylight/sunlight coming through
Installed in window, but usually viewed at night with indoor lighting
Interior use: never illuminated from behind (e.g., cabinet door)

Which of the following best describes the exposure to weather?
Exterior-facing, with direct exposure to weather
Exterior-facing, but inset or fully sheltered by a porch or roof
To be installed on interior side of existing insulated window (recommended)
Interior/decorative use only; no weather exposure

Do any of the following apply? (Check all that apply.)
Privacy is most important; no see-through glass whatsoever
Some privacy desired, but translucency also important
Prefer more opaque glass, with richer/darker colors
Prefer a "light, airy feel", lighter/paler colors
Not sure what design I want; can you suggest patterns?
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